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Inventor’s Digest Article

I was in the March issue of Inventor’s Digest:
March Issue of Inventor's Digest
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Lauch Your Own E-commerce Store!

It took a week and a half, but I’m pleased to announce my recent accomplishment of launching the Route9Auto e-commerce store!  Small businesses typically don’t have the money to pay for custom-built e-commerce websites.  However, there are several new Internet tools that make it was relatively easy to develop a robust online  store.  Navigating the choices is the hard part.  That’s where I can help.

I loved the experience so much, that I offer to serve as your coach in setting up your own e-commerce store. Your DIY efforts with a knowledgeable guide like me can help ensure your business ‘gets it’ and can help build a successful and scaleable e-commerce store. Contact me at or 413-222-5400 to get started.