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Soccer moms and work colleagues, alike, wonder why I spend so much time on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter… and now a Blog!?! At some point, I’ll write a piece on how and why I’m using social media in my daily life. Until then, this is a place where I will provide articles resources on various types of social media and social networks.

Rate of Generational Change Correlated to Moore’s Law

I have a hypothesis. My hypothesis is that the rate of generational change is correlated to Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law, for those unfamiliar, is that processor speed doubles every 18 months. This law has basically enabled computers, mobile phones, videoconferencing, virtual worlds, 3D imaging and more to dramatically change how we do things.

Recently, my 30-something colleagues have been talking about mobile phone and social media usage amongst the 20-something generation behind us, and the teens bringing up the rear. Teens are texting without viewing the 3×3 pad on their not-very-smart phones. Literally, people are thumbing away at their phone while doing a bazillion other things, least of which is to actually look at the keyboard. Could it be that a whole generation of people will have advanced thumb functionality in that way, or suffer from carpal tunnel of the thumb?

Today a friend reported seeing a study about our younger generation being addicted to social media (found it here). Teens actually suffering from anxiety and depression when away from social sites. Now the math major in me is wondering whether the study was normalized to factor in the rampant anxiety and depression teens feel at this stage ANYWAYS, but I do hear lots of people reporting that the divide is getting deeper.

So, calling all scientists… here’s a research study idea. Please verify my hypothesis that the generational divide is correlated to Moore’s law. And, when you do, please tweet it. 😉


Golden Nugget: Blog Entry from Social Media Explorer

I was once volunteered to present on social media by my peers when I missed a staff meeting.  Yikes!  How could I possibly articulate the profoundly positive changes social media tools were having on my productivity and professional interactions when I, too, was trying to wrap my head around it all.  I found this blog entry by Jason Falls to be very useful as a guide for how to explain it to one’s co-workers.  I hope you find it as useful.

BusinessWeek: Social Media Will Change Your Business

I think this article does a great job of trying to capture the value various forms of social media have on business.  Written originally in May 2005, this article was reissued in February 2009 because it still has tremendous relevance.