Good Samaritan Finds My iPhone

Dear Commander Willis,

Thank you so much for finding my iPhone on the DC Metro and for trying to get a hold of the owner right away. Panic was setting in as I arrived at Reagan National and realized that my iPhone was missing. Frantically, I began using my computer to Skype my office-mates, asking them to call my cell and to track down housekeeping at the hotel. Then, I remembered that my attache case took a tumble when the Metro began to leave the station. I thought my iPhone was a goner. I was imagining the worst – identity theft – and about to contact AT&T to shut off the phone. That was when my spouse emailed me that a kind man called with news that he had found my phone and would FedEx it the next day. Within seconds, my office mates Skyped me the message that you had called there as well. I was moved to tears right there at the airport. Thank you for being considerate and communicating so quickly that you had found it. And, thank you for sending it along. I will walk more optimistically through life knowing that there are more good samaritans amongst us than not.

Thank you for protecting our country and my iPhone.

Forever grateful,

Humera Fasihuddin.


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