Help Wanted: JavaScript, Perl, PHP, DOM

High growth MA-based Web 2.0 company at intersection of smart phone and social media (with future in ERP and eCommerce) seeking key hire. The ideal candidate…
1) has the right attitude: someone we like, can grow to trust and respect;
2) possesses very strong technical abilities: Javascript skills critical – Greasemonkey, XULRunner, and MozRepl experience highly desirable. Comfort with the Document Object Model and manipulation of elements with Javascript are core skills for this position. Some Perl, PHP, Python, or Ruby experience (especially regular expressions) necessary. General LAMP experience a part of the process; and,
3) will sign NDA and either a Services Agreement for project work OR an employee contract for pay and stock options;
Resumes and cover letters received through referral only to


One response to “Help Wanted: JavaScript, Perl, PHP, DOM

  1. Hi Humera,
    Loved reading some of your blog…especially the entry written by your son. I forwarded the “help wanted” to a friend who might know someone that it fits. It appears that you are applying your brilliance to interesting ventures.
    Wish our paths crossed occasionally.

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