Love note from a son.

I debated about whether I should post this entry. Dee was the voice of Noah, saying he’d be so embarrassed if he knew. But, as a person who works really hard in life, in pursuit of the entrepreneurial dream and for the singular purpose of giving her children the opportunities they deserve it is especially gratifying to get a love note from her oldest son. Yesterday, my 6.5 year old son Noah took great pride in typing up a little letter on his own computer in Windows Notepad. It brings a smile to my face every time I read it. Now, I know it won’t have the same exact affect on you, but it brings me great pride to publish my son’s first piece (exactly as he typed it, spelling, punctuation, et al):

“Dear moma Dee and moma Huie. I Love you becouse
you tace care of me. and you play bascetbaLL.and 2+8=10. that is math.
and 100+100=200. that is math to .I Love you very much and viLits
are bLue Rouses are red that is a song for you mom.
and 1+8+9+2+3=23.that is a Lot of math.
and I Love you becouse you heLp me wen I am hurt.
that is a Lot of ways that I Love you. I Love you very much moma Huie and moma Dee.”

Talk about the balance of right brain, left brain activity going on! If there is a pattern, it is: Love, Basketball, Math, Love, Poetry, Math, Love, Love. Here’s hoping the love notes to Mom never end.


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