Patent Status… Still working on it.

Confession, the provisional patent application wasn’t submitted by Monday. Turns out, I need to do A LOT more work on it. So, I’m now immersed in numbering of figures and describing in detail what each component means and how it MAY play an essential role… no definitive statements.

What does that mean? It means the invention ‘may’ do something, and it ‘may’ do something else. I can’t say, “the invention ‘WILL’ do this,” … because that is speaking in absolute terms and defining a very specific thing. Turns out that you can’t do that. You have to speak around the invention in ‘may’ terms so that you can be specific and broad at the same time. Having been in the business world, these wishy washy statements may feel uncomfortable at first. I’ve been trained to use action words and assertive statements. You WILL do this. I WILL do that. You get the picture.

Another thing to report from the trenches, it’s all about embodiments. In one embodiment, the invention may look like this. In another, it may look like that. And it seems that the winner is the person whose thought through as many different embodiments as possible, as it relates to the overall invention. So, if you haven’t built it yet, you’ve really got to start getting creative about what it might possibly be today and what it might possibly be 10 years from now. Remember, if granted a patent, you’ve got rights for 20 years and you’re patent’s got to stand the test of time and of Moore’s law.


One response to “Patent Status… Still working on it.

  1. Hello, I recall meeting you at talk I gave at umass about open source vs proprietary ( IBM vs. Microsoft ) several years ago..

    the whole patent process can be pretty painful and expensive ( I have 2 published and 2 pending – and 2 I am thinking about filing). the provisional patent just sets the invention date so I will assume you are planning on filing a full patent.

    Good luck!

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