Writing a Patent *IS* rocket science!

OK, maybe not rocket science, but it really is an art that requires careful mastery and counsel.  I’m amidst writing one for a Web 2.0 venture at the intersection of smart phones and social media.  Yes, my iPhone has been an inspiration.  Thankfully, I have really great IP Attorneys that understand my budget (raised small friends and family round) and are coaching me in writing and illustrating the essence of it, which they will then correct and perfect.  That way, they have something to get started with and can see my interpretation of the invention and can translate it to what the Patent Office will acknowledge as an invention.  I also have a software developer as a business partner who has some experience with writing patent claims.  With my team at my back, some analogies in hand and the must-have book Patent It Yourself by David Pressman, I am translating my lab drawings into figures and patent speak.  My sense is that I’m going to get a lot of lasting value in having gone through it this way because I’ll be able to think of things in terms of ‘claims’ and ’embodiments’.  Hopefully, there won’t be as steep a learning curve the next time around.


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